About the Committee

Our Mission

  1. Assess current park/recreation service levels within the Cedar Mill Area - Northeast Planning Quadrant.

  2. Identify/clarify future needs and growth projections within the study area utilizing current and/or revised information from the District's 20-Year Comprehensive Plan & Trails Master Plan.

  3. Seek and encourage public support for and participation in the activities of the Committee.

  4. Create a Plan of Action for meeting current and future needs.

  5. Provide recommendations to the Board regarding results of the study.

Committee Members

  • Don Breazeal
  • Virginia Bruce, webmaster
  • Sue Conger, chair
  • Ken Findley
  • Walter Gorman
  • Bill Hagerup
  • Jeff Hollister
  • Sherry Kam
  • Gail Parker
  • Bruce Pollock
  • Susan Troccolo
  • Hubert Walker
  • Stephen Bosak, Superintendent of Planning & Development, THPRD
  • Sarah Cleek, Associate Planner, THPRD


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