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Volume 4, Issue 3


March 2006

Are you looking for ways to build your business?
From the CMBA Board

The Cedar Mill Business Association (CMBA) is changing and improving - so we can help you grow your company! We are working to build the CMBA into a vibrant, active organization - focused on your needs. However, we need your input & participation!

In a recent survey, Cedar Mill business owners overwhelmingly said they want the CMBA to focus on business! We are responding by looking at ways to increase the value of the CMBA to you. If we have sufficient members, we can “stage” CMBA’s growth, and plan to help you by:

Presenting valuable seminars and workshops, focusing on your identified needs, such as:

• How to attract more customers
• How to find / train qualified people
• How to improve operations
• How to improve cash management
• Improving operational planning
• Improving time management
• Improving project management
• How to minimize taxes
• Dealing with human resource issues
• Hosting networking events - to showcase Cedar Mill area businesses.
• Bringing in guest-speakers on the topics listed above, and other business-building topics.
• Offering opportunities / events to promote your company.

Our “plan for a plan” is to create a vision, based on these questions:

• What if the CMBA provided awareness, education/training programs on members’ most pressing challenges?
• What if the CMBA provided access to talent, resources and capabilities to help business owners dramatically improve personal and company performance?
• What if the CMBA was the catalyst for local companies to solve their most difficult challenges?
• What if the CMBA enabled discussion forums, presented valuable topics, and was a group that members looked to for answers – to pressing business problems?

If you could count on the CMBA to help your company reach your goals, would you value such an organization?
We need your participation, ideas and energy to help us help you! JOIN YOUR CMBA TODAY!



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