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Volume 2, Issue 4


April 2004


History in the News

The Cedar Mill Garden Club

By Nancy Olson, co-author, Cedar Mill History

The first meeting of the Cedar Mill Garden Club was held in 1946 in the Leedy Grange. Thirty-nine women became charter members, electing aptly named Rose Stalder Hohnstein president and setting annual dues at one dollar.

The group came together to share information on vegetable and flower gardening and landscape techniques. They also stated their desire to preserve native plants and birds, and members agreed to “encourage any civic enterprise with regard to beautifying and planting. ”

Activities of the organization included landscaping the front entrance of Union Cemetery on NW 143rd and the Cedar Mill School grounds on NW Cornell Road. The Club was also responsible for maintaining and preserving a native vegetation area in Cedar Mill Park adjacent to the School. Plants included Deer and Maidenhair ferns, trilliums, various mosses, Piggy Backs and Butter Cups. Other functions were pumpkin and sunflower growing contests as well as the support of 4-H scholarships.

The group is still quite active, meeting on the third Wednesday of each month. Meetings include discussions of issues of interest, a guest speaker and light refreshments. They are currently meeting in Beaverton, but may be moving the meetings back to the Cedar Mill Library. Roma Leuthold is the only charter member still active in the group.

The club supports The Oregon Garden, the Japanese Garden, and a gardening program at Vose School, among other projects. A fundraising plant sale is scheduled for April 30 and May 1 at a private home at12600 SW Douglas (near Beaverton Rite-Aid). Look for a great selection of perennials. For more information about the club contact Ruby Warren, 503-292-4962 or cdwrbwwarren@msn.com


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