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Citizens' Participation Organization #1
"CPO 1"

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Next meeting agenda

Public Notices for CPO 1 and vicinity

Neighborhood Meetings


Development Review Notices

Washington County is now issuing electronic copies of Development Review notices in PDF format. We will post them here as soon as they're available. Click the title to see the PDF document.

If you have questions or concerns regarding a particular project, please contact the planner listed in the notice. Public notices open for comment are summarized at: http://www.co.washington.or.us/LUT/Divisions/CurrentPlanning/public-notices.cfm

Next Meeting:
Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at 7 pm
(note location)
Stoller Middle School Cafeteria

14141 NW Laidlaw Rd., Portland.

Meeting Agenda

Special Joint CPO 1 & CPO 7 Meeting and Workshop!

CPO 1 and CPO 7 are hosting a County Transportation Plan Workshop. Come join the discussion on November 5, 7-9 pm, at

7:00 pm Introductions and Announcements

Brief intros and announcements from both CPOs

Transportation Plan Workshop by Washington County

Ever wonder why some roads are 2 lanes, and some are 4-5? Why some roads seem to never get fixed? Why some roads are never built, and why some roads seem over-built? Every day we rely on a network of roads, highways, sidewalks, and bike paths to get around. If we want to stay mobile and keep our communities livable we must plan for the transportation system we want—for people driving, taking transit, walking, and biking.

Washington County will host the workshop event with light snacks. County staff will present an update and provide maps for review and discussion about issues and solutions in your area. For more information about the plan, visit the County’s Transportation System Plan update project website at www.tsp2035.com.

Local areas will be the focus of this workshop: Bethany area to Hillsboro, Bethany area to Cedar Mill/Portland, and Walker/Baseline Corridor. These efforts are intended to examine community aspirations and identify a set of solutions. This will result in an updated set of priority roadway and bicycle/pedestrian projects, system enhancements, and include other recommendations.

The November 2013 CPO 1 Newsletter is available now: http://extension.oregonstate.edu/washington/sites/default/files/cpo1-6-7november2013-topost_2.pdf

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Washington County's unincorporated areas are represented by Citizens' Participation Organizations or CPOs. CPO 1 is the organization that represents Cedar Mill and Cedar Hills citizens' interests with Washington County government.

The Google Map of the CPO 1 "Connecting Our Neighborhoods" trails project is available here. You need to have a free Google account to be able to edit the map. Once you click on the link, be patient -- it takes a few minutes to load completely.

OSU Extension Service provides the CPO newsletters. You can read them here, and sign up to receive the free newsletter by mail or email here.

If you select to receive the newsletter by email, you will receive a short monthly notice that the latest newsletter is posted on the web.  Please consider the email option as it saves the CPO program money on postage.

OSU Extension Service CPO site

Past meeting materials

March 2013 Sheriff update (PDF)



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