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The only way it makes sense for a local business to advertise on the World Wide Web is to be part of a local directory. That’s why we’ve created the Cedar Mill Business Directory on

Your business information can be available to customers 24 hours a day – your products and services, opening hours, special offers, contact information, a map – much more than you can fit into a phone book ad. And unlike the phone book, it can be updated any time. You can offer specials, promote new services, add new pictures or graphics.

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The basic Business Directory ( lists all businesses in the area, but it includes only the business name, address and phone number. If you want your customers to find complete information, we’re offering you a linked website for the low rates on our attached rate sheet.

A complete website

You’ll get a link to your site from the directory and a complete website you can use in all your advertising and promotion, with exactly the content you want. The pages are hosted on our site, so your address will be If you want your own domain name ( we can set that up for you – contact us for pricing.

The Cedar Mill website is promoted locally and linked from regional sites, and it’s becoming THE resource for finding out about our community, for locals, visitors or people who are relocating.

Easy free listing

Fill out the web form with the information you’d like in your free listing, and let us know if you’re interested in a website. Take a look at our rate sheet.

Call 503-803-1813 or email us at for more information and to arrange an appointment. See examples of our work at

Sample websites Rates & ServicesFree Listing Form

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